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Darga Dry River 

Level of difficulty: 

9 Kilometers, difficult and tricky hike, fit walkers only

Recommended season:

  between April and June



Darga gorge is located in the northern part of the Judean Desert

and flows towards the Dead Sea. It is a dropping from 50 meters

above sea level to 300 meters below sea level and it's suitable for

good hikers only. it crosses waterfalls and many pools that fill up

after the winter floods.
Walking in the creek is challenging and difficult on one hand but enjoyable on the other, as it requires moving in wet water pools while using ropes and steel bars that are installed along the creek.

  • Pre-entry registration is required.

  • Because this is a lined route at least two vehicles are required

Description of activity:

After pick up in Tel Aviv at 07:00am, we'll head on east. After about one and a half hour, we'll arrive at the poi9nt where the Darga dry river is crossing road No. 90 next to the Dead Sea (near the Dargot road check point).

We'll park one car, and climb up to Metzoke Dragot tourist village with the other car, near the village gate there is a checkpoint where We'll Park our car, and start the route.

1.5 k"m of relatively relaxing hike along a Dirt road and we are on a black marker going down to our left.

We'll descend allong the marker down a small canyon  into the Darga gorge.

From here on, the trail will descent along the narrow creek Through a series of pools full of water, some of which we'll need to swim through, and waterfalls  in some we'll nead to jump, some we'll use steel handles fixed to the rock and some we'll use a rope for passage.

In The last 1.5 k"m of the hike the gorge will expand and get open until we get to our car, on the crossing of road No.90.


Personal equipment:

  3   liters of water (very important, we are in the desert) walking/sports shoes (closed shoe), Hat, light clothing, day pack (around 20-30 liters), food and snacks, mosquito repellent, Sunscreen, sun glasses, A waterproof bag(Everything will get wet), Interchangeable clothing and shoes ( will stay at the car for after the trip).


Cost: Contact us 


The cost includes: licensed Israeli tour guide, insurance, transportation,

first aid kit, and coffee/tea.


The cost does not include: food, water, personal equipment.


I'll be happy to answer any questions.


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