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Masada, the snake trail and the northern "runner" trail

Level of difficulty:

6 km, Medium difficulty level, circular

Recommended season - between October and May



Masada a desert fortress, an iconic place that symbolizes heroism of 'few against many' located in one of the most beautiful breath taking places in the Dead Sea region.

Most people will climb the mountain with the cable car, but we will do it in a different way. We will hike along the northern part of the Roman siege "runner" trail and climb the mountain on the ancient "Snake" trail, and then spend some time on the mountain stage hearing the unbelievable story of the place.


Description of activity:

After pick up in Tel Aviv at 07:30am we'll head on south-east for  about 2 hour  drive until we arrive at the western entrance of the Masada National Park.

After paying the entrance fee, we will park the car, put our walking gear and start our hike.

We will start by heading north on the green marker along the Roman "runner" trail

During the siege on Masada, the Roman legion built 8 camps around the mountain. The “runner” path was constructed to serve the runners that delivered messages from the eastern camps at the base of the mountain to the western camps on the cliff. The ancient path is rough and rocky with steep and exposed sections. Metal handrails are installed where needed.

During the climb down, you get terrific views on the mountain Northern palace with its three stages and the 12 water cisterns. The trail also passes via the ruins of 4 Roman siege camps. An inserting and rewarding hike!

After 3 km along the "runner" trail we'll be at the base of the mountain, looking up on the steep snake trail. The trail was built around 35 BCE during the construction of the palace and served as the primary access way to the mountain. It was built to serve both humans and domesticated working animals, and therefore it is relatively wide and has a moderate inclination. 

The trail is approximately 1.6 km long with a 350 meter total climb height.

At the end of the climb we'll start a 2 hour tour.

Masada is one of the greatest archaeological sites in Israel and, perhaps, across the world. The drama and imagery that this site portrays is more powerful after climbing by foot.

After we'll finish seeing this amazing site we'll climb down from the mountain along the "Roman Ramp Path" which will lead us back to our car.


Personal equipment:

3 liters of water (very important, we are in the desert) walking/sports shoes (closed shoe), Hat, light clothing, day pack (around 20-30 liters), food and snack, mosquito repellent, sun block, sun glasses, food.


Cost: …. +29 NIS (entrance fee to the national park).


The cost includes: licensed Israeli tour guide, insurance, transportation, first aid kit,

and coffee/tea.


The cost does not include: food, water, personal equipment.


I'll be happy to answer any questions.




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