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Tze'elim Dry River

Level of difficulty: 

10 km, moderated medium hike, fit walkers only.


Recommended season - between October and May



 The Judean Desert holds a number of magical routes, and Tze'elim dry river is one of the

most beautiful of them: This route is the a "classic route" but it is intended for fit walkers


 Spectacular desert scenery, hidden springs and spring blossoms - all these and more are

waiting for the benefactors who choose to hike there


Description of activity:

After pick up in Tel Aviv at 07:30 am, we'll head on south east. After about two hour, we'll

arrive at a gravel parking lot above the mighty gorge of the Ze'elim dry river.

We will park the car, put our walking gear and start our hike.

We will start going east on a green marker on the northern bank of Tze'elim dry river,

after about 850 m well meet a blue marker which will continue for another 850 m until

the trail descends to the creek base, continue walking in the creek and after 300 m a

intersection with a Black marker, well continue uphill on the south side of the creek on

the blue marker, after 300m on the edge of the ascent will meet a red marker which will take us east until we meet with a green marker that will continue high above the south bank of the gorge until it will descend back into the river bed.

We will continue on the river bed for about 1.5 km until we reach a red marker,

here the green path goes up to the Leopard ascent, while we continue in the gorge

onthe red marker that will lead us after about 400 m to a Ein Namer (Tiger's spring).

Ein Namer is a freshwater spring that is abundant for most of the year; the spring

lies between large boulders (Big stones) and is therefore shaded.

Surely this is the best place for lunch break, rest end a dip in the cold spring water

(depend on the water condition).

When lunch is over we will return on the red path and from it to green until we reach

after 700m with a black marker, that immediately enter the "shiny creek", a beautiful

canyon that includes walking in the stunning bays of the Tze'elim stream that requires

a rope and sometimes water entry.

After 1 km of walking in the beautiful canyon, we will reach the "Rocky Valley", as it is called, contains many 'boulders' that provides a bouncing and skipping hiking experience.

We will continue on the black markers inside the creek until well reach a point where the creek breaks out and become a wide gorge again, a short green marker to our left will lead us up from the river bed to the south bank until eventually it will reach the parking lot where we left the vehicle.


Personal equipment: 3 liters of water (very important, we are in the desert) walking/sports shoes (closed shoe), Hat, light clothing, day pack (around 20-30 liters), bathing suit, towel, food and snack, mosquito repellent, sun block, sun glasses, food.




The cost includes: licensed Israeli tour guide, insurance, transportation, first aid kit, and coffee/tea.


The cost does not include: food, water, personal equipment.


I'll be happy to answer any questions.

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