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The most beautiful streams in Israel hide in places where access is impossible without the use of special equipment. "Kanyoning" deals with access to these hidden and unique parts of nature, and allows you to experience breathtaking views in a unique way. Activities combining nature and landscapes with rappelling, climbing, jumping and swimming. The best places for such trips are in the Judean Desert, the Golan Heights and the Upper Galilee. Most tracks are open to everyone and no previous experience is required. Surfing from a cliff for the first time is especially frightening and exciting, but the fear is replaced by excitement and pleasure from the scenery and the powerful experience. So let's experience nature in a different angle!

"Colonel" cave

"Sdom" mountain has a Respectable place on the list of special sites in the Dead Sea, and the list of the world's unique natural sites, this mountain is made out of salt, and unlike limestone, sandstone or granite, it is match more sensitive to water.

"Zavitan" stream The "Black Gorge"

This is one of Israel's most unique tracks, This is one of the most extraordinary trails in Israel and combines pure wilderness, flowing water, cool rock pools, waterfalls and rich vegetation. experience.​

Rahaf Gorge

"Rahaf" gorge is a dry desert river, it is one of the rivers that run from the Judean Desert to the Dead Sea, near Mount Lazarus, its Length is about 20 km and its drainage basin area is about 80 square kilometers.​

Qumran Gorge

Qumran gorge in the Judean desert, start dropping down quickly from " Muntar" mountain  area in the Judean Desert high plains, and flows into the Dead Sea near its northern peak, near Kibbutz Kalia.​

Alma Cave

The Longest cave in the Galilee, and the underground trip is a unique experience, the track lasts two hours or more, all in a completely dark cave, and part of it, is climbing and crawling.

Tor Gorge

The Tor dry River is located approximately 350 meters north of the Dragot Cliffs Desert Resort and passes through a series of cliffs through an impressive canyon with a series of dry falls​

Tmarim Gorge ​

The gorge is deep and includes a total of five waterfalls that require rappelling, which can be allocated as follows: 75,22,48,60,55meters.

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