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Israel Hiking 

If you are a Hiker, Israel is a paradise for you, with endless marked trails suitable for all levels, of various durations, and across countless landscapes from northern green hills to southern yellow desert.

Whether you are planning a day trip or several days, a fully guided Hiking experience is available for you with us.

There are many options for all levels and it is one of the best ways to see Israel from a different angle.

צאלים 2.JPG

Masada, the snake trail and the northern "runner" trail

Masada a desert fortress, an iconic place that symbolizes heroism of 'few against many' located in one of the most beautiful breath taking places in the Dead Sea region.

Most people will climb the mountain with the cable car, but we will do it in a different way. We will hike along the northern part of the Roman siege "runner" trail and climb the mountain on the ancient "Snake" trail, and then spend some time on the mountain stage hearing the unbelievable story of the place.

Og Dry River upper part

Og Dry River, one of the most charming streams in the northern part of the Judean Desert. Its spectacular gorge winds through the northern hillsides of the Judean Desert, creating a deep, narrow canyon amid high and steep limestone cliffs.Inside the gorge, cisterns, ancient monastery remains, hermit caves, and desert vegetation. 

Kziv Gorge

The Kziv River and the Crusaders Montfort Castle overlooking on it are one of the most beautiful hiking trails in the north of Israel. Add a stream that flows throughout the year, a spring, a Crusader fortress on a hillside and lots of green and you have a mustn't-miss trip. One of the most beautiful and recommended trips in the country, all seasons and especially in summer

Roman Scorpions ascent and Gov gorge

Gov Dry River provides an experience for desert enthusiasts as well as challenge enthusiasts. Here we will choose a challenging route that lasts about 7 hours and starts at a relatively steep ascent in an ancient central way and the descent of an impressive and lively stream using still ladders and handles to climb down some of the dry waterfalls.

Tze'elim Dry River

The Judean Desert holds a number of magical routes, and Tze'elim dry river is one of the most beautiful of them: This route is the a "classic route" but it is intended for fit walkers only.

 Spectacular desert scenery, hidden springs and spring blossoms - all these and more are waiting for the benefactors who choose to hike there

Darga Dra River

Walking in the creek is challenging and difficult on one hand but enjoyable on the other, as it requires moving in wet water pools while using ropes and steel bars that are installed along the creek.

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