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A One-Day Trip to Jerusalem:
Jerusalem Under and Above Ground

We will start our tour by picking you up from your lodgings before travelling up to Jerusalem. Our day in Jerusalem opens with the iconic view of Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives, where we will have an amazing panoramic view of the 4000 year-old city.


From here, we will park near the Zion Gate of the Old City of Jerusalem and begin exploring the oldest part of the city, the City of David", on foot. In the city of David National Park we will witness how it all began 4000 years ago. Walking through the first area of the ancient city, we will see the remains of houses built during the reign of King David.


Our visit continues as we go Underground into the city's ancient water supply system. First, we will enter the Warrens shaft, a unique water system discovered by accident in 1867. We will then continue our descent underground and enter the Hezekiah Tunnel an underground water aqueduct that was built around 800 BC and is still operating. Donning short pants and sandals, we will use our flashlights as we head directly into the 533 meter-long wet tunnel, where the water is approximately 70 cm or 27.5 inches deep.


As we leave the tunnel, we will see the remains of the pool that stored the tunnel water. From the pool, we'll go underground again and climb up through the Roman sewage system into the area where there was once a huge street leading directly to the temple during the period of the Second Jewish Temple.


Having emerged above ground, we will enter the most holy site for Jews, the Western Wall, also known as the Wailing Wall. There we will experience the unique and rich variety of Jewish culture, and you will have the opportunity to place a note in the wall.


After absorbing this holy Jewish experience, we'll walk through the lively streets of the Old City and reach the Muristan complex of streets and shops in the Christian Quarter. The name Muristan is derived from the Persian word for hospital, as the area was built over the ruins of structures built by the Hospitallers, one of the most important military orders of the Crusaders, including their first hospital.


We'll eat lunch at one of the many restaurants in the Muristan before continuing on to the nearby Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Christianity’s most holy site. This amazing structure was originally built in 335 AC by Queen Helena, and is believed to be the site where Jesus was buried. We will explore the church, learning about its history and traditions and observing the different pilgrims worshiping there.


Finally, at the end of our day, we will walk through the Roman Cardo area, once the main street of Jerusalem over 1500 years ago before returning to our car which will return you to your lodgings. Note: Adjustments to the trip can be made upon request.

The trip includes: ​

Pick up and drop off in your lodgings

Travel in a 4X4 vehicle

Services of a professional tour guide


What to bring: ​

Clothing suitable for entering the water in the Hezekiah Tunnel

A change of clothing

Walking shoes or sandals



Small towel

Small backpack

Modest clothing (shoulders and leg coverings for women, long pants for men)

The cost does not include:

Entry fee for the City of David National Park: 28 NIS for adult


Any other expenses not detailed above


1,800 NIS for a tour with a vehicle holding up to six passengers

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