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Roman Scorpions ascent and Gov gorge

Level of difficulty: 

7.5 km, moderated medium hike, fit walkers only

Recommended season - between October and May



Gov Dry River provides an experience for desert enthusiasts as well as challenge enthusiasts. Here we will choose a challenging route that lasts about 7 hours and starts at a relatively steep ascent in an ancient central way and the descent of an impressive and lively stream using still ladders and handles to climb down some of the dry waterfalls.


Description of activity:

After pick up in Tel Aviv at 07:30 am, we'll head on south. After about two hour, we'll arrive at a car park under the Scorpions ascent on road number 227.

We will park the car, put our walking gear and start our hike.

well start the route with the blue mark towards the northeast and after about 200 m we will reach a split path - the black on the right comes from Gov dry river, and well continue with the blue marking along the rise of the Roman Scorpion ascent. The length of the ascent is about 4.5 km. and it's characterized by steep short sections, long rock surfaces and sections of steps that were carved by the Romans around 2000 years ago to help climb this way.

After about three kilometers of ascending on the road, a high mountain peek will be visible on

our left side, on it well see the remains of a wall, this is Horbat Tzafir, well climb up to the

mountain peak for an amazing view to the south overlooking the mighty gorge of Tzin Dry River and the Oron factories.

From here to the top of the ascent the rote will get more comfortable to walk.

After 1.5 km, we will meet a path crossing; we will turn to the right, down with the black markers.

Well slid down along a small creek on a rocky staircase until the trail continues to the left on the side of the mountain, on the right will appear the amazing gorge of Gov Dry River, after about 1.5 km we will meet a green marker and with it well ascent down into the Gov gorge.

The descent into the creek is very steep and is combined with steel handles fixed to the stone for assistance.

After descending into the gorge we will start a section of about 2 km, some of which is very narrow and some slightly wider. Along the creek there are 3 fixed ropes that help to climb down on short dry waterfalls.

On the gorge last km it will slowly expand until we reach the bottom of the stream and from there a short walk and we are back on the parking, where we left our vehicle.


Personal equipment: 3 liters of water (very important, we are in the desert) walking/sports shoes (closed shoe), Hat, light clothing, day pack (around 20-30 liters), food and snack, mosquito repellent, sun block, sun glasses, food.




The cost includes: licensed Israeli tour guide, insurance, transportation, first aid kit, and coffee/tea.


The cost does not include: food, water, personal equipment.


I'll be happy to answer any questions.


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