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Kziv Gorge

Level of difficulty:

7.5 km, moderately difficult hike with some sharp descents

Recommended season - between March and November



The River Kziv River and the Crusaders Montfort Castle overlooking on it are one of the most beautiful hiking trails in the north of Israel. Add a stream that flows throughout the year, a spring, a Crusader fortress on a hillside and lots of green and you have a mustn't-miss trip. One of the most beautiful and recommended trips in the country, all seasons and especially in summer


Description of activity:

After pick up in Tel Aviv at 08:00am, we'll head on north. After about two hour, we'll arrive at a gravel parking lot not far from Mitzpe Hila.

Well park the car and after morning coffee, we'll take the gear and set off.

A black trail walking route in a Mediterranean grove will lead us down to the Kziv gorge.

After about 2.5 km well reach the gorge river bed and from there a short walk north will lead us to Ein Tamir (Tamir spring), the clear waters of the spring emanate from a long water tunnel curved in the rock, and at the end fill a beautiful shallow pools. Besides bathing in the pools, anyone who wants to can enter the narrow 60m water tunnel.

Walking the narrow tunnel will require bending, sitting and crawling in the water, which can reach as much as 80 inches.

From Ein Tamir we will continue our journey down the Kziv gorge, a green trail walking route will lead us along the stream between the mighty Dolev trees, after about 1 km well get to "creek water pool" - the most beautiful pool in the route. The depth of the pool reaches two meters in the deep part, it should be noted that the climb down from the pool and the rise back are relatively difficult to the other pools along the stream.

A further 2km walk along the creek will well meet a trail encounter with Red trail walking

route, in this split we will cross the creek towards the south and begin to ascend the "red"

path to the fortress that will rise above our heads, Monfort.

This fortress was erected during the Crusader period. Initially, the site served as a fortified

farm, the fortress is located on a steep spur that descends to the river Kziv and is naturally

fortified on three sides by deep streams and on the fourth, southern side, a deep trench was

excavated through the access to the fort.

The place was of no particular importance during the period of the Crusader first kingdom of

Jerusalem, and in the end it fell into the hands of the Mamluks like all other fortresses in the


From the fortress will continue climbing along the red markers and after a moderate climb of

about 1.5 km will be back where we parked the vehicle.


Personal equipment:

3 liters of water (very important, we are in Israel) walking/sports shoes (closed shoe), Hat, light clothing, day pack (around 20-30 liters), Swimsuit, towel, food and snack, mosquito repellent, sun block, sun glasses, food.

The cost includes: licensed Israeli tour guide, insurance, transportation, first aid kit, and coffee/tea.


The cost does not include: food, water, personal equipment.


I'll be happy to answer any questions.


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